Affordable Triathlon Coaching


Three years ago I had an opportunity of one to one coaching with Andy Teagle. I began as a novice and with Andy's regular guidance, expertise and patience my overall performance has improved dramatically. I have now represented Great Britain in the Olympic distance triathlon on two occasions and will be doing so again in 2018.


When I found out that I had got a place at the London marathon I thought ‘right I need a coach’ to help me include this into my tri training…

Andy was my first thought, I have known him for quite a few years and his coaching reputation is superb.

I met Andy to discuss the process, I was sceptical as to whether I could do this but he assured me I could.

Straight from the off his communication was spot on. Taking my feedback every week and then planning for the next stage.

If I needed to speak to Andy and he was busy he would get back to me as soon as.

Overall, I was very pleased with our coaching partnership and achieved my goal of completing the marathon.

I would recommend if you are looking for a tri coach then contact Andy. My wife is running at the London Marathon in 2018 and Andy is coaching her as part of her multi- sport training.


Andy's guidance and experience was invaluable in getting me through my first Ironman. I couldn't have done it without him! I particularly appreciated how well Andy communicated throughout my training and continuously adapted my training plans around my other commitments. I would happily recommend Andy and Team T coaching to anyone.